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Even if you’re not working with buyers who are in the market for a million-dollar home, you can still learn from luxury real estate agents. After all, selling is selling. Here are four tips from luxury agent that you can incorporate when selling a home.

Brand Yourself

Be the High-powered professional real estate Agent everyone pictures in their mind. Luxury brokers deal with people used to doing their due diligence, and word gets around about which broker just sold that Ksh.100 million property. Use that network to your advantage.

Make a name for yourself by posting pictures of the house you just sold on sold on social media and providing links to useful articles on real estate trends. Join or start a real estate group on LinkedIn, and you can upload fun videos to YouTube that your target market might enjoy.

Take the First Offer Seriously

The best offer is often the first one. So, even if the offer is not what the seller had in mind, it’s a good idea to convince the seller to consider it anyway. You can always try to get a better deal, but if you turn down early offers, the ones you get later may be worse.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Images

You can snap photos of the home you’re selling in a matter of minutes, but you probably won’t be doing justice to the home. People often make decisions about a house based on photos they see on the Internet, which is why luxury real estate agents hire professional photographers who know how to present homes in the most visually appealing light.

Know the Neighborhood

Luxury agents sell more than just the house, they sell the neighborhood as well. Dismas Saboke, a real estate agent with Sir Francis Consultants says wealthy people like to be around other wealthy people. The same principle can apply to buyers regardless of wealth. Families with school-age children usually want to be near other families with children, for example. Once you know your clients, you can direct them to suitable neighborhoods.